Igor Dodon says anti-government protests are not excluded

The leader of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon leveled new criticism at the government after Parliament gave a first reading to the bill to gradually raise the retirement age as from January 1, 2022. Igor Dodon said the PAS initiative represents social genocide as life expectancy in Moldova is lower than in the European states. He considers the people’s dissatisfaction can generate protests, IPN reports.

Moldova’s ex-President is critical of the social policies pursued by the ruling party. He said the rise in pensions of which PAS boasts is fully covered by inflation, while the increase in the retirement age and the annulment of the indexation of pensions two times a year, in April and in October, will drive the older people in Moldova to despair. The current government annulled what the previous government did during two years.

Igor Dodon noted that during his field trips, the people tell him that they are disappointed with the PAS government. However, if anti-government protests are mounted, these will not be political in character, according to him.

“The people should take a decision as to the protests and these should not be politically affiliated. If we, the Socialists, stage the protests, the people will say that we want to return to power,” stated Igor Dodon.

As from January 1, 2022, the standard retirement age for men will be 63 years, while for women it will be 59.5 years, but will rise by six months annually until 2028.

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