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Igor Grosu about failure in Parliament: things go towards snap elections

The former candidate for Prime Minister Igor Grosu said he was ready for the investing of the Government and for a failure in Parliament. The decision by the Socialist MPs and members of the For Moldova platform to leave the siting so that a quorum was absent shows that the alliance between the two entities is solid. After yesterday’s failure in Parliament, the Constitutional Court will decide whether to the circumstances for dissolving Parliament appeared or not, IPN reports.

Igor Grosu said he understands the frustrations of the PPPDA MPs, who accused them of mimicking the consultations with the parliamentary groups and of the fact that the PAS didn’t include representatives of other groups in the proposed Cabinet.

“We are trying not to respond to all the attacks, bitter remarks. This situation derives from the local elections held in Chisinau, in which we allegedly didn’t become sufficiently involved. The decision to assume governance fully belongs to us as when you start a struggle, you must be backed by a team that supports even unpopular measures. We decided that if we assume governance, we will do it complete,” Igor Grosu stated in the program “Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

Moreover, Igor Grosu said the idea of an apolitical government wasn’t supported inside the PAS as their party wanted to fully undertake the responsibilities for governance.  

“I do not believe in technocrats. It should be a Government with political responsibility, which knows that if it does not deliver results on time, it will have to respond. When you come with a governmental team, this must include people you trust,” stated Igor Grosu.

According to the acting president of the PAS, the circumstances for dissolving Parliament appeared because two attempts to invest the Government failed. However, the final decision is to be taken by the Constitutional Court.

“We will request again the High Court to say if there are conditions for dissolving Parliament or not. To my mind, things go towards snap elections. Parliament is unable to adopt laws in support of the citizens,” stated Igor Grosu.

President Maia Sandu for March 26 announced consultations with the parliamentary groups for considering the necessity of dissolving the legislative body. Yesterday, the leader of the PSRM Igor Dodon said Parliament cannot be dissolved in the current conditions as there is a parliamentary majority that proposed a candidate.

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