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Igor Zubcu elected president of National Trade Unions Confederation

Igor Zubcu was elected president of the National Trade Unions Confederation in the fourth Congress of the Confederation. Sergiu Sainciuc and Lilia Franț were elected vice presidents of the Confederation. The new administration was elected for a five-year term, IPN reports.

The delegates to the Congress, who represented 24 national trade union centers, ascertained that the observance of the basic rights of salary earners, trade union members, remains a problem. “The salary earners and their families continue to face poverty and cannot ensure decent living conditions with their earnings. The rise in prices and tariffs continues to considerably erode the real incomes of the population. This leads to the substantial reduction of the purchasing power,” runs the Statement adopted by the Congress.

The trade unionists note that despite the reforms done in the field of social insurance, the legislation should be improved so that the salary earners benefit from equitable and sustainable pensions that would ensure decent living conditions.

“The salary earners continue to have the right to health and safety at work violated. Even if important things are done in the sector, the EU directives are transposed, conventions of the International Labor Organization are ratified, accidents at work continue to occur and these result in loss of human lives. It is essential to ensure efficient labor inspection without constrains that are not typical of it,” says the Statement.

The delegates call on the social partners to contribute to setting an appropriate national indicator for determining the needs of salary earners, which would be used to set the state minimum guarantees. The trade unionists also ask to set a minimum official salary of 50-60% of the average salary in the economy, to promote measures to stimulate the creation of new jobs and to formalize informal jobs by covering these with efficient social protection systems, to adopt amendments to the legislation so as to set equitable and substantial pensions that would enable the pensioners to lead a decent life.

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