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Invitro Diagnostics is insolvent and has debts totaling 26.3m lei

The company Invitro Diagnostics is in the process of insolvency and owes 26.3 million lei to GBG-MLD. This debt accumulated as a result of the delivery of medical devices and laboratory consumables in 2020-2023, said the manager of GBG-MLD Tudor Tchaikovsky. According to him, the robbing of Invitro Diagnostics started in 2021, when his son Alexandru Tchaikovsky was removed from the administration of the business by abusive and illegal methods.

In a news conference hosted by IPN, Tudor Tchaikovsky said that in 2016, his son Alexandru Tchaikovsky became an associate of Invitro Diagnostics. He was represented by his wife Zinovia Tchaikovsky by power of attorney. In 2023, also by power of attorney, he himself represented his son. Arcadie Topalo is the second effective beneficiary of Invitro Diagnostics. During different periods of time, Arcadie Topalo was represented by different interposed private individuals and legal entities. Since 2019 until present, he has been represented by a company whose roots are in an offshore location in Dubai.

Tudor Tchaikovsky said that in 2016-2021, Invitro Diagnostics developed considerably, becoming the largest private medical-sanitary institution specialized in laboratory diagnoses, medical imaging, minimally invasive surgery and medical examinations in Moldova, with a network of over 40 branches all over the country.

“The company started to be robbed in 2021, when Alexandru Tchaikovsky was removed from the administration of the company by abusive and illegal methods by Arcadie Topalo and persons from the leadership of Invitro Diagnostics – Marin Bălănuță, Invitro director, Natalia Stoianova, financial director. The misunderstandings between associate Alexandru Tchaikovsky and Arcadie Topalo, together with the managers of Invitro Diagnostics, appeared when Mister Topalo’s offer to take part in the laundering of 40 million lei on the pretext of repairing Invitro Diagnostics branches and clinics was rejected. After this refusal, Alexandru Tchaikovsky was illegally removed from the administration of the company,” stated Tudor Tchaikovsky.

He noted that at the end of 2021, Invitro Diagnostics reported incomes of 91 million lei, but next year, due to inefficient management, the company sustained losses totaling 2.8 million lei. “The negative financial indicators of the company point to the existence of defective management that consists in fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, manipulation of cash registers and financial software, which ultimately affected the interests of associate Alexandru Tchaikovsky and the national budget to a great extent,” said the manager of GBG-MLD.

Tudor Tchaikovsky also said that a legal and financial analysis identified serious violations of the legislation and intentional robbing of the business. He called on the law enforcement agencies to conduct a thorough inspection and take other necessary actions at the companies that form part of Arcadie Topalo’s group.

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