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Kindergartens will be able to provide food through catering

The kindergartens will be able to organize children’s nutrition through the catering system. It goes to early education institutions without their own cooking facilities or that have difficulties in preparing food. This is provided in a draft decision that was approved by the Cabinet on Wednesday, IPN reports.

“Modern and uniform sanitary norms are approved for all kindergartens in the Republic of Moldova, ensuring that each child benefits from exactly the same hygienic and health conditions, regardless of whether the kindergarten is located in the rural or urban area and regardless of whether it is a public or private one,” said Minister of Health Ala Nemerenco.

The draft decision regulates in more detail everything related to children’s nutrition, including the possibility of providing food through the catering system so that children have access to high-quality, diversified and balanced food. “There will also be a requirement to equip kindergartens with mechanical ventilation systems, which will ensure the quality of the air that children breathe. Infrastructure changes will also be regulated so that all the institutions are adapted to the requirements of children with disabilities, ensuring equal access for all,” stated the official.

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