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Maia Sandu: Democracy depends on our vote

President Maia Sandu, when going out of the polling station, said that she voted for people who she trusts will work honestly, responsibly, devotedly, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Chisinau. She also voted for people who will lend a hand to the implementation of the European integration project, IPN reports.

“I voted and will always vote as democracy depends on out vote. I want to call on all the citizens to go to the polls as the vote means the people’s vote and we all want to live in a country and in localities that are managed according to the people’s power,” stated President Sandu.

According to the official, all things that were done well in Chisinau in time were due to the vote of the citizens of the capital city. Therefore, the people should go and vote. Chisinau can become a really comfortable city for its inhabitants with the EU’s support. In Chisinau, investments are needed in large infrastructure projects that require European support. A green city with schools, preschools and parking spaces is needed.

Maia Sandu also said that those who insist on corrupting voters and use undeclared foreign funds to finance such activities act against the democratic standards. The contenders in the current elections represent 35 political parties and the people have where to choose from and they should make a wise choice, while those who want to break the law, democracy and to endanger state security should know that the response will be appropriate and actions will be taken to defend the citizens.

Twenty-seven candidates are contending for the mayoralty of Chisinau. Polls close at 9 p.m.

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