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Maia Sandu: Government does not say gas price so as not to prejudice next tender contests

The Government does not provide details about the purchase price of gas from alternative sources so as not to prejudice the next tender contests and to keep the possibility of having more advantageous bids, lower than the price paid by the Government or Energocom, at the next tender contests, President Maia Sandu explained in a news conference held after the Supreme Security Council’s meeting that centered on the country’s energy security, IPN reports.

Asked why the Government does not want to say the purchase price of gas from alternative sources when the state-run company Energocom buys gas with public money, being requested to pronounce on transparency in the use of this money, President Sandu said the Government already explained that the purchase prices are the market prices, but the exact price is not made known because purchases continue to be made and, if the price is made public today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow all the bidders will make offers according to this price, not lower ones. Over the next few weeks, the Government will not yet disclose the purchase price, but can later specify the bought quantity and the price.

In the October 28 sitting of Parliament, the MPs of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists

asked to question Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița about the purchase price of gas from alternative sources. The proposal was short of votes.

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