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Maia Sandu: Support Platform urges countries to participate in Moldova’s transformation

“The Moldova Support Platform comes with a firm call for the strong and free countries of the world to believe in our power to develop, to support us in this endeavor, to invest here and participate in the transformation of Moldova and our full connection to the European Union”, stated President Maia Sandu at the fourth meeting of the Moldova Support Platform, initiated last year by Germany, France and Romania.

The Moldovan president declared that the authorities in Chisinau are ready to ensure order and security in the country. “We buy natural gas from multiple sources and we are no longer letting anyone blackmail us through energy resources. We allocate money for the most vulnerable. We support the opening of businesses, we are rapidly modernizing the road network and we have big, well-thought-out plans”, noted Maia Sandu.

According to the president, the plans aim to preserve peace at home, ensure European living conditions in localities, to have modern roads throughout the country, a European railway and bridges connecting Moldova to Romania and the European Union.

“We want the whole world to know – Moldova is a safe country, free to decide its future, which understands the seriousness of the challenges we face and knows how to overcome them for the benefit of its citizens. The great support received in recent years shows us not only that Moldovans are Europeans and deserve to be part of the European Union, but that we are also welcome”, the president said.

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