Mayor to be elected in Braniște commune of Râșcani district

The inhabitants of Braniște commune of Râșcani district are expected to go to the polls to elect their mayor on October 30. A runoff vote is held after none of the candidates in the first round of voting on October 16 gained more than half of the freely expressed votes, IPN reports.

The seat of mayor is disputed by the first two candidates who polled the largest number of votes in the first round of voting. These are the Democratic Party’s candidate Veaceslav Popa and the candidate of the Party of Action and Solidarity Daniela Coltun. The candidate with most of the votes gained in the first round will be written first on the ballot.

The same voter rolls as in the first round of voting are used in the runoff vote. According to the State Register of Voters, about 1,000 voters are expected to cast their ballots. There were printed 1,005 ballots.

The voters who for health or other reasons cannot go to polling places can ask for a mobile ballot box.  Applications can be submitted in written form by 6pm of the day prior to election day and by 3pm on election day if a medical certificate is presented.

In accordance with the Electoral Code, political campaigning is strictly banned on election day and a day before. In the period, candidates cannot appear in TV and radio programs. The ban does not apply to information posted on the internet and on boards earlier.

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