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Ministry of Health makes clarification about authorization of in vitro fertilization services

So far, no provider of in vitro fertilization medical services, whether public or private, has an authorization issued by the Transplant Agency and in the next period all of them must comply with the new requirements. The Ministry of Health specified this following reports about the fact that particular healthcare providers in the field of in vitro fertilization allegedly operate without authorization from the Agency, IPN reports.

The amendments to the Law on Reproductive Health came into force in 2023. In order to implement the law, it was necessary to adopt or approve implementing rules (methodologies, regulations, etc.), as well as to set up bodies for aligning with and transposing EU standards. “Taking into account the fact that reproductive health is a complex sector, the adoption of the mechanisms for implementing the law required a period of time during which the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Transplant Agency and other relevant bodies, took the appropriate measures in this regard. At the same time, by order of the minister, a body that has the necessary legal powers and levers to complete all procedures was constituted,” reads a press release.

According to the official position of the National Health Insurance Company, contracts for the provision of in vitro fertilization services in 2024 were signed with four private providers, namely: SC “Repromed” SRL, SRL “Medpharmconsult”, ICS “Health Forever International” SRL and SRL “Fertil Med”, which have the necessary documents that were presented under equal conditions for contracting and providing the given services in accordance with the current normative documents.

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