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Mircea Geoană: Russia does not have military resources for direct threat against Moldova’s security

The Russian Federation does not have military resources to pose a direct military threat to the Republic of Moldova’s security, but this does not mean that the Republic of Moldova is not the victim of a total hybrid war launched by Russia against Moldova, NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană stated for Radio Moldova.

“So, even if there is now no direct military threat, the other instruments of energy coercion, disinformation, cyber war, propaganda, instigation of political and social instability are things we know and the Republic of Moldova knows and we try to counteract them together. It’s clear that the requests for antimissile defense systems, modern radars, drone systems are elementary things that any state that wants to protect its airspace should possess,” stated Mircea Geoană.

Asked how NATO helps Moldova to cope with an eventual nuclear disaster in Ukraine, Mircea Geoană said the Alliance condemns any rhetoric or intention to use such situations to advance for military purposes. “It is irresponsible. It is against international law and NATO fully supports the efforts of the International Atomic Energy Agency to protect and find formulas to prevent the materialization of such statements or intentions,” he noted.

As to the possibility of Moldova joining NATO and the EU when there is a frozen conflict in the Transnistrian region, the NATO official said the Treaty of Washington and the Charter of the United Nations provide that each nation has the sovereign right to choose the future and the system and the wanted security or political arrangements and they support any European nation’s aspirations to become a NATO member if this is able to and enjoys the support of the allies.

Mircea Geoană also spoke about the way in which NATO can help Moldova secure its airspace. Moldova asked for concrete things through the military support package, including air defense systems, drones and cybernetic devices and the country knows what it needs. It started to invest more in defense and this is good as it cannot cope without resources, while Romania has special interest in ensuring the Republic of Moldova’s security. When the national security strategy of the Republic of Moldova is finished, Moldova will probably make additional requests to NATO.

The NATO Deputy Secretary General noted that he plans to pay a visit to the Republic of Moldova.

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