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Municipality to plant 60,000 trees and bushes in Chisinau

The municipality of Chisinau this year aims to plant 60,000 trees and bushes in the capital city. The planting campaign starts on November 12 under the coordination of by the Green Areas Association, IPN reports.

“Our goal is to make sure we have the greenest city. This year we intend to plant trees and shrubs in all the parks and squares we rehabilitated. We will plant trees on the streets, where these are absent or were cut down because they posed a threat to passersby. We will plant in the yards of schools and kindergartens, primarily those that were affected by this summer’s tempests. We will set up the Alley of Ethnics Groups and the Alley of Doctors. We will plant trees in a number of parks in Chisinau,” mayor general Ion Ceban stated in the ordinary meeting of officials of municipal services.

The municipality will publish the designed action plan and those who want will be able to take part in the annual Tree Planting Campaign in Chisinau. “There are a lot of companies, volunteers willing to buy saplings and to join in the campaign. The persons who want to contribute to greeting our capital city by participation can register through the email address agsv.sda@gmail.com,” said the mayor.

As many as 100,000 trees were planted as part of the previous campaign, during a year.

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