Over 663,000 recipients to get pensions indexed by 3.89%

On April 1, 2021, all the pensions will be indexed by 3.89%, the indexation coefficient being the average annual growth of the consumer price indexes for the last three years. A sum of 608 million lei was earmarked in this year’s state social insurance budget for indexing the pensions of 663,000 persons, IPN reports.

According to the National House of Social Insurance, the indexation will cover all the types of pensions, including the pensions of public servants, customs employees and bodies of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the General Carabineer Inspectorate.

As from April 1, the minimum old-age pension will be 1.188 lei, the minimum disability pension – 891.04 lei in the case of severe disability, 831.64 lei in the case of accentuated disability and 594.03 lei in the case of a medium disability.

From the same date, there will be recalculated the social state allowances for 66,654 recipients and the care, accompanying and supervision allocations for 12,983 recipients.

The second indexation of pensions will be applied on October 1. The indexation coefficient will be set by the Government depending on the inflation rate for the first half of this year.

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