PDM against opening of schools and in favor of lockdown

The Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) asks not to open the schools and suggests a number of proposals that were also presented in the March 13 meeting of the Supreme Security Council. The president of the PDM Pavel Filip said that after the meeting, he remained with the impression that the situation in the Republic of Moldova is very serious. He urged not to allow the teachers to become cannon fodder and not to allow the politicians to play with the people’s lives, IPN reports.

“We do not have a functional government and until we have it, the PAS and PSRM will blame each other so as to avoid responsibility. The PAS does not want a functional government, believing that this way they do not bear responsibility. On the other hand, it is suitable for the PSRM to say that it is not in power, but to actually control this government. But who will think about the people,?” asked Pavel Filip.

The president of the PDM noted he proposed a plan of urgent measures for managing the pandemic crisis at the meeting of the Supreme Security Council. These include lockdown – clear restrictions and rules, the involvement of the police and the army so as to ensure the observance of the rules, a moratorium on other costs than the essential ones (salaries and pensions) and assistance for the people and businesses, an immunization strategy and an online platform for making appointments for vaccination, improvement of the testing capacities and involvement of volunteers.

“Until a decision as to the lockdown is taken, I ask the authorities to keep the schools closed and maintain online learning. We should not allow our teachers (parents, grandparents) to become cannon fodder while the politicians are deciding who is mightier,” said Pavel Filip.

The National Extraordinary Public Health Commission decided that the education process in Moldova will be restarted on March 16. The process of study will be organized based on three scenarios, depending on the epidemiological situation in each locality. The local extraordinary public health commissions will decide on the teaching and learning methods depending on the alert level in the locality and the coronavirus infection rate per 100,000 people. Later, President Maia Sandu recommended the Government and Parliament to declare a state of emergency for two weeks. In a press briefing after the March 13 meeting of the Supreme Security Council, she said she requested the Government to detail and present a set of proposals for managing the pandemic crisis to Parliament.

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