Pediatrician Ninel Revenco explains why children with COVID-19 should be attentively supervised

Approximately 20% of the children of an early age who contract COVID-19 go into convulsions and are therefore hospitalized. Some of them are even placed under intensive care, pediatrician Ninel Revenco, coordinator of the national immunization program, stated in a news conference, being quoted by IPN.

The children with COVID-19 can also have other complications, like the multisystem inflammatory syndrome, when COVID-19 affects all the organs, and long COVID that is manifested by tiredness, confusion, disorders of the central nervous system. The cardiac muscle is inflamed and heartbeat is irregular. The children who suffer from other diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease or disease of the respiratory system, can develop complications in particular.

“In the Republic of Moldova, all the children of an early age, primarily breastfed infants, area hospitalized because their situation can change in several hours or minutes. In the post-COVID period, the children should be supervised depending on the clinical signs of the disease. If tiredness or headaches appear or if the child goes into convulsions or suffers from psycho-emotional or perception disorders, they will receive psycho-neurological treatment. If changes in the cardiovascular system appear, they will be treated by a cardiologist,” stated Ninel Revenco.

She called on the parents to take their children for being vaccinated against COVID-19 if these turned 12.

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