Permissive documents in building sector can be obtained easier

The permissive documents in the building sectorcan be now obtained easier. Out of 31 existing procedures for obtaining the given documents, only 17 will remain. This is provided in the draft Code of Urbanism and Constructions that was presented by the secretary of state for building and urbanism Veaceslav Shipitca in a session of public consultations, IPN reports.

The permit for executing construction works in localities will be issued only based on urbanism documentation drafted, examined and approved in accordance with the law, with exceptions being stipulated for villages with less than 3,000 inhabitants.

Veaceslav Shipitca said the draft Code also provides the list of building works that can be performed without an urbanism certificate for designing and without a building permit. Among such works are works to erect houses with one floor, for one or two families, and annexes built on privately owned land situated in rural localities, except for those from protected areas. It also goes to power stations that use renewable sources of energy in the case of residential buildings, temporary constructions with areas smaller than 150 m2 from rural localities, except for those from protected areas, and the installation of photovoltaic panels on roofs of apartment buildings for supplying common places with electricity.

According to the authors of the proposal, clear provisions about the status, obligations and responsibilities of the specialists in building designing and performance of building works and the rights and obligations of investors were added to the draft Code.

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