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Poland assists Moldova in European integration efforts

Poland is ready to offer political support and expertise to help Moldova in its efforts to join the EU. The support will be provided at bilateral level and through the agency of relevant European mechanisms and instruments. This is stipulated in the Joint Statement of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Moldova, which was signed in Warsaw by the co-chairmen of the Assembly Mihail Popșoi and Ryszard Terlecki, IPN reports.

According to the document, the accession to the EU should take place in a dynamic way, based on meritocracy, without creating artificial obstacles, simultaneously respecting the conditions that directly derive from the EU treaties. “In this regard, we strongly believe that as a result of the positive recommendations of the European Commission, the European Council’s decision of December 2023 to open accession negotiations with the EU as soon as possible will ensure the irreversibility of Moldova’s European course and will offer a systemic impulse to reforms in the long run,” runs the Statement approved by the Moldovan and Polish MPs.

Poland declared its support for the implementation of projects to develop civil society and the market economy in Moldova. “We agreed that there are many opportunities for direct investments by Polish companies into the economy of the Republic of Moldova – in the food industry, agriculture, digital and energy sectors. The Polish economic presence, alongside other partners, during a useful period of time should offer Moldova advanced technologies, full access to the European market, jobs and, more important, prospects of a safe life and welfare for the young generation of citizens of Moldova,” says the Statement of Warsaw.

The ninth session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Moldova was held in Warsaw on May 29. The meeting addressed a series of subjects from the bilateral and multilateral agendas, in particular nternational and regional security, the enlargement of the EU, Polish assistance in transforming and modernizing Moldova, stimulated by direct Polish investments into the Moldovan economy.

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