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Portal of Community Mental Health Centers launched

The network of Community Mental Health Centers has now a specialized portal: sanatate-mintala.md. This was launched by the Ministry of Health in the framework of the Moldovan-Swiss project MENSANA “Support for the Reform of Mental Health Services in Moldova”. In Moldova there are 40 Community Mental Health Centers where the people can benefit from free consultancy, psychological counseling and other services that help them to easier overcome psycho-emotional problems. The platform enables to swiftly find the closest Community Mental Health Center and presents contact information and data about the services provided there, IPN reports, quoting an article published on the new portal.

“We wanted the population to have a credible source of information and know what to do when the person or someone from the relatives needs assistance in mental health issues. The project came with a very informative platform that we tested with colleagues from all the Community Mental Health Centers,” said Silvia Gherasim, consultant at the Ministry of Health.

The persons who consider they have symptoms of mental disorders can do free, anonymous and clinically validated tests online. “These are scientific tests based on scientific evidence. They are very simple, but can help a person realize if they need professional assistance or not. It is always easier to prevent things or to start to treat them at the incipient stage, when it is not too late,” said Victoria Condrat, local manager of the Moldovan-Swiss project MENSANA.

There was also launched a commercial to promote the website sanatate-mintala.md. An information event was held at the Buiucani Community Mental Health Center to present data about the network of such centers in Moldova.

Last year, 217,000 persons benefitted from the services of the 40 Community Mental Health Centers of Moldova. About 80,000 persons with different mental health conditions are under medical supervision. Among the most frequent conditions are depression and anxiety disorders or disorders associated with stress and schizophrenia.

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