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Probable case of acute severe hepatitis in child reported in Moldova

The Ministry of Health has reported a probable case of acute severe hepatitis in a child in Moldova. The child was admitted to the Municipal Children’s Hospital of Contagious Diseases with symptoms typical of acute viral hepatitis on May 7, IPN reports.

Thorough checkups were conducted and all the tests for known hepatic viruses were negative. There were also excluded other causes that lead to liver damage. The case is therefore considered of unknown etiology. The child is in the hospital in a serious, but stable state.  The examinations continue.

According to the World Health Organization, 348 probable cases of acute severe hepatitis of unknown etiology were reported in 21 countries by May 10. The epidemiological, laboratory, and clinical information currently available to WHO regarding this event remains limited. To date, no etiological agent has been identified. The Organization, together with the affected countries, are collecting additional data and conducting various studies. In the coming weeks, it is expected there will be more evidence to determine the etiology and based on this, issue recommendations to further define the appropriate prevention, treatment, and control actions.

The National Public Health Agency said that no case with signs and symptoms similar to those in other states have been reported in Moldova by now. Most of those affected are aged between one month and 16 years. The ordinary viruses that cause acute viral hepatitis (A, B, C, D and E) haven’t been detected in any of these cases. The clinical picture is of acute severe hepatitis that requires hospitalization.

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