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Rectors: Effects of university reform will be visible in a year or two

The results of the reorganization of universities by merger will become evident in a year or two, said the rector of the State University of Moldova (USM) who is sure that the reform will increase the quality of studies and will lead to the modernization of university infrastructure. For his part, the rector of the Technical University of Moldova (UTM) said that for now no employee of the institutions absorbed by their university remained without a job, but the employees from the accounting and human resources departments may not have a workplace at UTM, IPN reports.

The rectors of the universities that absorbed other higher education establishments and research institutes said the reform was absolutely necessary given the decreasing number of students. The reorganization enables to make massive investments in university infrastructure for modernizing the laboratories, lecture halls and dorms.

“What is going on at USM now is a revolution from the viewpoint of infrastructure. The figures speak for themselves. We have investments totaling over US$4 million in Mediacor (the first digital-media production center in Moldova – e.n.). Recently, USM, UTM, the University of Medicine and other universities won a World Bank project and signed contracts to the value of over US2 million that will be invested in infrastructure. We received enormous support from Romania. The Government of Romania invested in the equipment of laboratories and these now meet the requirements of the 21st century,” the rector of USM Igor Sharov stated in the talk show “The Fourth Estate” on N4 channel.

The rector of UTM Viorel Bostan said their institution had to swiftly adjust to the new realities and to step up communication with candidates for admission now that the Agrarian University became part of UTM. A part of the Agrarian University’s employees will not be part of the new organogram of UTM.

“We were taken by surprise by this reform that is absolutely necessary. We learned about this merger by absorption in the middle of July and were to get ready for admission. But we made effort for those who want to study agriculture and veterinary medicine not to meet with impediments when submitting documents. We kept an admission unit at the campus of the Agrarian University and became more active on social media so as to inform the candidates were the documents can be submitted. For now, no person lost the job after this reform was announced. We now need to review the institution’s organogram and probably not all those from the accounting, human resources and international relations departments will have a job at the Technical University,” said the rector of UTM Viorel Bostan.

Under a Government decision of July 13, the State University of Moldova will absorb the Public Administration Academy, the State University of Physical Education and Sport and a number of national institutes. The Agrarian University will be absorbed by the Technical University. The Academy of Economic Studies will absorb the National Institute of Economic Research, while the State Teacher Training University “Ion Creangă” will absorb the Tiraspol State University and the Taraclia State University “Grigorii Țamblac”. Most of the research institutes will be transferred under the management of the State University, the Technical University and “Ion Creangă” University.

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