Romanian Premier assures effort will be made to find solutions to supply gas to Moldova

The Prime Minister of Romania Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă assured that Romania will be making every effort to find solutions to supply, transport and store the quantities of gas needed by the Republic of Moldova. The statement was made in a meeting with Moldovan Premier Natalia Gavrilița, who paid a visit to Bucharest, IPN reports.

The Romanian official said that electrical energy will be supplied based on the existing transport infrastructure and new interconnection lines will be built in the average and long terms.

“Special attention was devoted by Premier Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă to the support that the Government of Romania can offer in the process of preparing for the start of negotiations on the Republic of Moldova’s accession to the European Union,” runs a press release issued by the Government of Romania.

In the meeting, Natalia Gavrilița raised the issue of truck traffic on the border, underlining the necessity of taking additional measures to ease freight traffic. She noted that the Bumbăta-Leova frontier post on a floating bridge that is to be opened and the opening of the Rădăuți Prut-Lipcani bridge to freight traffic will help ease traffic at congested border crossing points.

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