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Ruslan Codreanu: It is normal to unite around European integration

It is extremely important to strengthen society around the European integration process, said the chairman of the People Power Party Ruslan Codreanu, who on Tuesday took part in the meeting of President Maia Sandu and leaders of pro-European parties. He welcomed President Sandu’s intention to seek support from all the pro-European parties for ensuring the irreversibility of the European path, IPN reports.

On June 28, Maia Sandu met with representatives of a number of political parties that support Moldova’s integration into the EU. Among the main items on the agenda were the foreign risks to democracy in Moldova and the combination of forces for ensuring the irreversibility of the European path.

“It is an extremely nice intention and a first step in the attempt to unite the whole society around such values as the integration of the Republic of Moldova. The path is not necessarily irreversible and the whole society, the parliamentary parties, extraparliamentary parties, civil society need to work on the European integration process. Each citizen should pronounce on the issue and make a contribution. Broad legality of what accession means should be ensured in society. In history, we had European integration processes that were initiated, but were later stopped because revanchist forces that wanted in the Eurasian Union came to power. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we will have in Parliament only forces that will support the European integration. We had in Parliament forces that wanted to renounce the Free Trade Agreement with the EU,” Ruslan Codreanu stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei.

This is the second meeting of the President and leaders of pro-European parties. The first meeting was organized before the “European Moldova” Assembly and the European Political Community Summit. The chairman of the People Power Party said he is for continuing the dialogue on such a platform.

“In the context of the held summit, we were requested to unite and support this summit. At the first such meeting, it was underlined the necessity of a constant dialogue with the President’s Office, the Parliament and the Government. We proposed that representatives of parliamentary commissions should be present when particular provisions on accession to the EU are discussed. It seems normal to me to combine forces even if we are all different and have differing views on many subjects. No dissensions can exist on the European course,” noted Ruslan Codreanu.

Recently, representatives of the Party of Socialists and the Party of Development and Consolidation of Moldova announced that they received invitations to take part in discussions with President Maia Sandu, but the invitations were later annulled.

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