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SCM extends a number of contests to fill vacancies of judge

The Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) has extended a series of contests to fill vacant posts of judge, including at the Supreme Court of Justice (permanent and temporary transfer), as Council member Ion Guzun announced.

According to him, in the autumn-winter of this year the SCM will hold a contest to fill the vacant posts of judge at the Constitutional Court and will initiate contests to fill the vacancies of court president and vice president.

“We intend to exclude the interminable periods of interim post holding. We will assess the holding of a number of posts contrary to the law, especially the quality of management. We hope we will have good candidates also for the Board for Judge Selection and Career and the Disciplinary Board. There are many vacant posts in the judicial system! The best ones with character will be named, transferred or promoted, depending on case. We want strong, upright and non-influenciable candidates with experience from outside. You should be like a rock in front of corrupt persons, harmful interest groups or anything that can affect the taken oath! Follow the announcements on,” urged Ion Guzun.

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