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Slusari: Law on oil products market was influenced by oil sellers

The amendments made to the law on oil products market, which were adopted by the new parliamentary majority, were influenced by large oil companies by lobbying, said former Deputy Speaker of Parliament Alexandru Slusari. According to him, the oil sellers paid considerable amounts of money to representatives of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (NAER) so that these agreed the formula for liberalizing the prices of all the oil products, except for gasoline “95” and diesel fuel. Slusari said that to restore order on the oil products market, the administration of NAER should be changed, IPN reports.

The ex-Deputy Speaker said the commission on economy, budget and finance of the former legislature received a report from the Competition Council and this showed that there were cartel agreements on the oil products market, while the fines that were to be imposed on the involved companies came to millions of lei.

“Marcel Răducan with his shaking hands brought the report showing that six large companies have had cartel agreements during two years and absolutely unjustifiably modified the prices for ten times. The report hasn’t been presented in Parliament by now and the companies haven’t been fined. The new government should have driven away the managers of NAER, who became accomplices of a number of oil companies. Instead of modifying the composition of NAER, of analyzing the work of the managers and the Competition Council’s report, Parliament followed the wrong path and liberalized the prices of all the oil products, except for gasoline “95” and diesel fuel,” Alexandru Slusari stated in the talk show “The Forth Estate” on N4 channel.

According to Slusari, the new amendments made to the law on the oil products market were intensely promoted by large oil companies. Under the new law, NAER daily announces the price ceilings for gasoline “95” and diesel fuel, while the prices of the other oil products were liberalized.

“This law was influenced by large companies that wanted the Republic of Moldova to remain in the swamp of cartel agreements. Some of the companies paid large sums to the representatives of NAER for preparing these changes, while Parliament fell into this trap. Now NAER daily sets the price ceilings of gasoline “95” and diesel fuel, while five big companies simultaneously increase the prices even if they do not import oil products the same day. The small companies do not take part in these cartel agreements and the prices are always lower at small companies that are yet insignificant in number,” stated Slusari.

According to the data published by NAER, the highest selling price of a liter of gasoline “95” for today is 20.69 lei, down 0.01 lei, while of diesel fuel is 17.25 lei, up 0.09 lei.

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