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This year’s wheat harvest expected to exceed 1.2 million tonnes

Moldovan farmers expect a good wheat harvest this year, of over 1.2 million tonnes. The spring rainfall was favorable for the first-group grains. The average output nationally will be 3.6 tonnes per hectare, Vasile Şarban, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, told Radio Moldova.

Meanwhile, grain prices are rising. After the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the Black Sea deal, wheat prices on the Paris exchange on Thursday increased by 20 euros per tonne.

“We had good rainfall in the spring of 2023. We had a fairly favorable time to cultivate these crops. We will have a harvest of over one million two hundred tonnes of wheat in the country. We believe that the average harvest will be around 3.5 – 3.6 tons per hectare on an area of 351 thousand hectares. According to statistical data, it will probably be slightly higher still, because not everyone declares this area”, explained Vasile Şarban.

Agricultural expert Viorel Chivriga told Radio Moldova that farmers should follow the fluctuations in wheat prices at the main European exchanges, including the regional ones. The expert said that it is not necessary for farmers to sell their crop now, at low prices. For domestic consumption, Moldova needs approximately 400,000 tonnes of wheat or a little more.

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