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Three political parties would enter Parliament if elections were held next Sunday

If parliamentary elections were held next Sunday, three political parties would enter the legislative body, namely the Party of Action and Solidarity, which would gain slightly over 28% of the poll, the Bloc of Communists and Socialists (BCS) with over 16% and the Shor Party (which was declared unconstitutional and dissolved) with almost 10%, shows a survey presented by the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE). The poll was conducted by the sociological company CBS-AXA during June 13 – 28, 2023.

In a news conference hosted by IPN, Vasile Cantarji, sociologist of CBS-AXA, said those who said that they would not vote or would not go to the polls total slightly over 17%, while those who do not know or didn’t respond – over 19%. This way, if the votes of the decided ones are distributed, the PAS would obtain 44%, the BCS – 25.7%, while the outlawed Shor Party –15.5%. The Our Party would gain 4.5%, while the other parties – less than 2%.

The respondents were asked to name the Moldovan political personality they trust the most, with the question not having response variants. President Maia Sandu was mentioned by 21.8% of those surveyed, while ex-President Igor Dodon – by 8.8%. Fugitive politician Ilan Shor is trusted by 5.2% of those polled, the leader of the Party of Communists Vladimir Voronin – by 2.6%, the Our Party’s chairman Renato Usatyi – by 2.1% and the mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban – also by 2.1%. The other mentioned politicians obtained less than 2%.

If presidential elections were held next Sunday, 32.6% of those interviewed would vote for Maia Sandu, 17.8% – for Igor Dodon, 5.3% – for Ion Ceban, 4.3% – for Vladimir Voronin, 4.3% – for Renato Usatyi, 3.3% – for Ilan Shor, etc. Almost 14% of those polled haven’t decided who to vote for; 7.7% would not go to the polls, while 2.4% didn’t know or didn’t answer. Of the decided voters, almost 43% would vote for Maia Sandu, while 23.4% – for Igor Dodon.

The poll was carried out during June 13 – 28 and covered a representative sample of 1,120 adult persons. The margin of sampling error is at most 3%.

IPRE executive director Iulian Groza said that the opinion poll is entitled “Citizens’ perception of the process of European integration of the Republic of Moldova” and forms part of the research project “Increasing the research centers’ role in supporting the national effort of European integration of the Republic of Moldova ThinkTanks4EUMembership”, which is implemented with support from the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

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