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Trade between Moldova and Germany on the rise

Trade between Moldova and Germany last year was slightly up compared to 2022. According to the results presented by the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania), total trade (imports + exports) increased by 5.3%, IPN reports.

The data taken by AHK Romania from the German Federal Statistical Office, Destatis, show that the volume of trade between the two states exceeded €871.2 million. Germany’s exports to Moldova amounted to €547.7 million (+2%), while imports amounted to €323.5 million (+11.4%).

“An increasing number of German companies are interested in Moldova as a location for business. There is potential for cooperation especially in the manufacturing and food industries, energy and trade,” said Sebastian Metz, General Manager and Member of the Board of Directors of AHK Romania.

The Republic of Moldova ranks 95th among Germany’s trading partners.

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