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Trial census begins on Monday

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) calls on the population to be open and participate actively in the trial population and housing census that will take place from August 28 to October 10.

NBS general director Oleg Cara told a press conference that the trial census is an exercise that will help to better understand the challenges and possible obstacles to the successful conduct of the 2024 census. Next year’s statistical record will provide valuable information for decision-making and socio-economic development.

“Every person matters, every person makes a difference. Every citizen has an important role in providing correct and complete information, contributing to obtaining a real picture of the population and housing in the country and producing the desired changes in the country and at the community level” said Oleg Cara.

Today’s press conference was also an occasion to launch the 2024 Census Technical Assistance Project, funded by the EU and co-financed by the UNFPA. The project allocates a budget of 2 million euros for the census, with the UNFPA contributing 75,000 euros and also helping with administering the census.

Government Secretary Artur Mija noted that the 2024 population and housing census will be the third in the history of independent Moldova. The September-October trial census is a very important test, the official said, calling on colleagues from state institutions and local public administration representatives from the 11 selected localities to provide maximum support and cooperation in this exercise.

Jānis Mažeiks, EU Ambassador to Moldova, said that the trial census will help the National Bureau of Statistics better understand the possible challenges and obstacles to the successful conduct of next year’s census, thus ensuring a high quality of the collected information. The data obtained as a result of this exercise acquired an even greater value in the context of the Republic of Moldova obtaining EU candidate status.

UNFPA Resident Representative to Moldova Nigina Abaszada mentioned that UNFPA supports both the conduct of the census and the consolidation of the entire statistical system. “I am extremely grateful to the European Union for the funding and support provided that will contribute to improving the quality of the data obtained and to conducting efficient operations in the process of carrying out the census. And in this way, in 2024 we will have a high-quality census of the population and housing”.

Per UN recommendations, population and housing censuses in Moldova are taken every ten years.

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