What EU and Europe Day mean for European ambassadors in Chisinau

The European Union and Europe Day for the EU member states mean freedom, democracy, security, solidarity and European principles and values, EU ambassadors in the Republic of Moldova stated in an online event held to launch Europe Day 2021. According to EU Ambassador in Chisinau Peter Michalko, the European Union develops its relationship with Moldova based on the Association Agreement that opens the gate to prosperity and European standards and also to reforms that can be done with the support offered by the EU and its member states to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports.

Peter Michalko noted that Europe Day celebrates peace and unity and this year’s key message is “Solidarity in the name of health, together for a better future!”. According to him, the EU has been solidary with the Moldovan citizens since the first day of the pandemic and together this challenge will be definitely overcome. Europe Day is an occasion for marking the principles of solidarity, unity and peace, which are values that the EU has appreciated and applied in all its approaches during over 71 years. For the citizens of the EU and the EU member states, Europe Day means freedom and the right to live a decent life in a state with the rule of law, in a strong society with an economy that is developing continuously. ”We want these values to be lived also by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova as, a neighboring state in which prosperity and the rule of law dominate, for us, the EU, means that this shares peace and democracy,” stated the EU ambassador.

Germany’s Ambassadors to Moldova Angela Ganniger said the association with the EU for Germany means different things. For the Western part of Germany, the EU means reconciliation, prosperity, peace, solidary after war. For the Eastern part of Germany, Europe means a lot of values, being associated with freedom and the possibility of traveling freely, of living new experiences and of being part of an enlarged Europe. Unification and unity mean a new freedom and this is probably more important for Eastern Germany. Europe Day is a date of gratitude as, in this period, Germany celebrates the end of World War II and this means peace, liberty and unity for them.

Dr. Pedro Leite de Sampaio, charge d’affaires at the Embassy of Portugal in Moldova, noted that for Portugal the EU means common values, social protection, mobility and the freedom of persons and also free travel. It is very important for the EU to be a united family, to ensure a more powerful world, with economic development and prosperity for all the citizens. Since it joined the EU, Portugal has changed and became an active member state that promotes the EU values.

Romania’s Ambassador in Chisinau Daniel Ioniță stated that Romania joined the EU on January 1, 2007 and Europe Day for the Romanians is a day about joy, hope, confidence, fair justice, cohesion and also about responsibility, commitment, principles and values. The EU is a political construct in which each member of society feels protected, respected and has in front a predictable horizon, regardless of ethnicity, spoken language, political affiliation and religion. The EU is about unity through diversity. For Romania, in particular, the EU meant more predictability for the ordinary citizens, more stability. “The EU ultimately means development as you are part of a select club where everyone is united by the same values and principles. It is a club that respects its citizens and the states. Moreover, it is a club that during difficult periods like the current one shows solidarity for those that are close to them,” said Daniel Ioniță.

The Ambassador of France to the Republic of Moldova Pascal Le Deunff said the European project for France represents peace and the democratic values are its essence. It is not a collectivist or authoritarian model. It is a model that should promote individualism. The EU represents a platform for freedom of expression, opinion, choice. Europe Day celebrated on May 9 means a common market, food security, the Schengen Area, Erasmus + and other values. “Peace is the future of Europe and this is what May 9, 2021 means for us,” stated the ambassador.

Sweden’s Ambassadors to Moldova Anna Lyberg said Sweden joined the EU in 1995 and now cooperation became an ordinary part of Swedish life, being incorporated into the Swedish identity. Sweden celebrates the common values, respect for human rights, democracy, preeminence of the law and also diversity and cooperation, solidary and openness. The relations between the EU and Moldova are solid and are based on values shared with the EU member states. The EU and its member states are glad that they managed to be near Moldova in these difficult times of a pandemic.

Europe Days in the Republic of Moldova this year are celebrated during May 5-31.

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