COVID-19 vaccination rate in Moldova at 4%

The national vaccination rate in Moldova now stands at 4%. Most of the vaccinated persons are health workers. According to the health authorities, since the COVID-19 immunization campaign was launched on March 2, morbidity among healthcare employees has declined by over 82%, IPN reports.

In a news conference on May 5, epidemiologist Angela Paraschiv said that 132 687 persons have been vaccinated with the first vaccine dose, while 18,458 persons got both of the doses.

As many as 1,265 adverse events were reported after the administration of vaccines. This is 0.83%. Of these, 96% were minor events with local pain, high fever and muscle pain. There were reported no severe forms.

Angela Paraschiv noted that 332 persons of those vaccinated (0.22%) were confirmed with COVID-19 after 15 days of the immunization, on average. After the first dose is administered, the person is not yet protected and the second dose is needed for ensuring full protection.

The highest vaccination rate in the world, of over 60%, was reported by Israel and the UK. In Romania, the rate is at over 17%. In Ukraine, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Kirgizstan, the immunization rate is lower than in Moldova.

The health authorities said they don’t know for now the number of persons who got vaccinated outside the country.

By May 4, Moldova has got 251 504 infections with the novel coronavirus. The death toll due to COVID-19 stands at 5,869.

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