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Year starts with declines in fuel prices

The year 2024 began with lower prices for the main oil products of standard type. The National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) has announced a decrease of 0.15 lei per liter of diesel fuel and of 0.05 lei per liter of gasoline COR 95, IPN reports.

According to the Agency, the highest reference price of diesel fuel for January 3 is 20.84 lei per liter. Also, a liter of gasoline COR 95 will be sold at the pump for at most 22.93 lei.

Previously, ANRE approved the value of the specific profit margin for the retailing of the main oil products of standard type for the first half of 2024 at the level of 3.07 lei/liter. For the previous period (second half of 2023), the specific profit margin was 3.08 lei/liter. Therefore, the maximum value of the basket of expenses and profit that can be included in the retail prices of oil products for the next six months will decrease by 0.01 lei/liter.

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