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Call to local elected officials to join League of Towns and Communes

The mayors, councilors and local activists are urged to join the initiative group that was constituted to found the League of Towns and Communes. The :eague is to become an important platform in the promotion of the interests of local communities at all levels and to contribute, alongside all the involved players and decision makes from the upper level, to regional and local development in the Republic of Moldova.

“We do not launch a party that is in opposition to the current government. We do not aim to destabilize the political situation in these difficult times. We do not have anyone behind us except for the citizens, who gave us a vote of confidence. We aim to bring the voice of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova from regions to the forefront and to make it heard through the agency of a platform that will include the most prominent and skilled representatives from all the country’s regions,” the mayor of Leova town Alexandru Bujoreanu stated in a news conference hosted by IPN.

According to the mayor, the League will not be exclusively of the mayors. All those who are not indifferent to the fate of localities and are ready to contribute to solving the existing problems, including by taking part in the local general elections of 2023, are welcomed into the team. “We call on those who are close to our desiderata and objectives to join the League of Towns and Communes, to contact us directly or through our websites that will become available by the end of this day and to contribute to the extent to which they can to the collection of signatures and applications for accession, alongside the members of the initiative group, and to support our sociopolitical movement, of the people of this country, which is being built from down to up and which derives from the realities and the pains of the people of this country. This organization will not have a formal leader and will be managed by consensus by co-presidents elected according to the regional principle,” said Alexandru Bujoreanu.

“This step we took is the step of mayors of the Republic of Moldova. These are mayors who have views and come with their own contribution. The mayors see and know how the Republic of Moldova should develop. We care about the future of the Republic of Moldova and therefore today act in a formula by which we try to promote the development of the country, decentralization. I also call on those who are in public administration or possibly left the public administration to join us! Come to help build a Moldova from down to up,” stated Constantin Cojocaru, the mayor of the municipality of Edineț.

The mayor of Cupcini town Ludmila Maga said the mayors are elected by citizens to work for the benefit of localities. The League will enable the local elected officials to combine forces. “I call on those mayors who want to join this platform, our counterparts who support this nice idea, to help with the registration of the League of Towns and Communes of Moldova,” stated Ludmila Maga.

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