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Chisinau International Airport director: Criminal came as an exemplary passenger

New details were made public about the shooting incident that occurred at the Chisinau International Airport on June 30 and resulted in the death of two persons. The Airport’s manager Constantin Vozian said the institutions responsible for national security have the list of passengers who are to land at the Chisinau International Airport. When the shooter from Tajikistan arrived at the Airport, there were no suspicions that he was aggressive or capable of committing crimes, IPN reports.

The director of the Chisinau International Airport said the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS) has the list of passengers who are to land in Moldova.

“This information is possessed not by the Airport, but by the authorities responsible for state security – the SIS and not only. There are also other authorities that need this information. As regards the criminal that committed that horrible crime at the Airport, at that moment there were no suspicions that he could violate public order and commit those crimes. He came as an exemplary passenger on board the plane. There was no information that he was a terrorist or a criminal. The person could not be suspected of being aggressive or a criminal. The person was listed wanted by the authorities of his country later,” Constantin Vozian stated in the program “Résumé” on RliveTV channel.

He also said that the persons who published videos with the shooting incident should be penalized as they put at risk the country’s image.

“Those videos cannot be examined by being taken out of context. I hope the employees, regardless of the institutions they serve, will answer for publishing information that could have endanger the work of state authorities. It is impermissible to make political and PR shows out of civil aviation events. This is very sensitive information that can affect the country’s image, the level of perception of the country’s security. The persons to blame should answer. We provided the Prosecutor’s Office and the investigation bodies with all the video materials, audio recordings and documents. We are most interested in having this incident extensively examined,” said the manager of the Chisinau International Airport.

Constantin Vozian assured that Moldova’s airspace is safe and the reasons invoked by Wizz Air when it decided to suspend the flights are groundless.

“The airspace is safe and has been safe since the outbreak of the bloody war in Ukraine. As the airspace of the Republic of Moldova is open partially and an aircraft needs seven minutes to leave the Moldovan airspace for Romania, flights to the East and the North are not operated. Flights are possible only through this air corridor that has been secured since the start,” explained the Airport’s chief.

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