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Chief doctors from Ialoveni suspected of taking bribe

Two section heads of the Ialoveni District Hospital are investigated for passive corruption. They are suspected of taking bribe from patients in tens of episodes, IPN reports.

The National Anticorruption Center said that one of the suspects allegedly asked and took bribe from patients for hastening the performance of medical examinations outside appointments. For such services, the patients paid 200 to 3,600 lei per examination. The other suspect purportedly asked and took systematically bribe for hastening imaging and radiology exams, with the sums that weren’t indicated in the institution’s accounting documents varying between 150 and 550 lei per patient.

As a result of searches carried out at the offices, domiciles and in the cars of the suspects, sums of money in lei and foreign currencies and records relevant for the investigation were seized. The case is handled by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office. The two persons weren’t arrested.

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