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Competition launched to appoint Prosecutor General

The Superior Council of Prosecutors has announced a public appointment competition to select a new Prosecutor General. Applications will be accepted until November 22 inclusive.

The candidates must be Moldovan nationals, speak Romanian and have at least 10 years of legal work experience in the jurisdiction of Moldova, in foreign jurisdictions or in international organizations, of which at least 5 years in positions of judge, prosecutor, lawyer or investigator.

The future Prosecutor General must also have an unimpeachable reputation and no criminal convictions. Additionally, he or she must be medically fit for the job and have good managerial skills. Another condition is not to have been politically affiliated in the last three years prior to the launch of the competition. Members who have sat on the Superior Council of Prosecutors in the past 6 months are not eligible.

The office of Prosecutor General has been practically vacant since Alexandr Stoianoglo was suspended from the job in October 2021. In late September of this year, Stoianoglo was ultimately discharged. Meanwhile, Dumitru Robu served as caretaker before being replaced by Ion Munteanu.

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