Cristian Rizea declared undesirable and expelled from Moldova

The citizen of Romania Cristian Rizea was declared undesirable on the territory of the Republic of Moldova for a period of 15 years, IPN reports, with reference to the General Inspectorate for Migration (GIM).

According to the GIM, the foreigner was escorted out of Moldova by personnel of the Inspectorate and was handed over to the police in Romania, which are to take him to a penitentiary.

Cristian Rizea is a former Romanian MP who was sentenced to four years and eight months in jail in Romania for influence peddling, money laundering and influencing of statements. Rizea found refuge in Moldova, where he obtained Moldovan nationality. In November 2020, Cristian Rizea was stripped of Moldovan nationality by a decree signed by the then President Igor Dodon. The Prosecutor General’s Office reached the conclusion that the former Romanian MP obtained nationality not in accordance with the law.

A foreigner is declared undesirable if this performed, performs or is suspected of intending to perform activities that can endanger national security or public order. The measure is ordered by the responsible authority for foreigners automatically or on the proposal of other authorities responsible for public order and national security, if these possess relevant data or have solid reasons.

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