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Cyber-attack attempts on public institutions continue, Cybersecurity Service

The Information Technology and Cybersecurity Servicehas warned about scam and phishing cyber-attacks targeting government institutions. Over 1,330 messages have been sent to email addresses of public institutions so far, IPN reports.

The owners of “.md” domains are informed by an email about the expiry of the period of validity of the domain name and are asked to initiate the procedure for extending it, requesting to click on a link to make the payment. The Service recommends avoiding clicking such links and also blocking and reporting the sender. The citizens are urged to always check the real source of the message and to ensure proper cyber hygiene.

According to the Service, phishing is one of the most common cyber-attacks by which computer criminals try to steal money, personal information, bank information, card or account numbers, PIN codes. Cybercriminals usually pretend to be trustworthy companies, friends or acquaintances and send emails or SMSes that warn about technical glitches or errors and request to reintroduce personal data or to even make payments.

Scam attacks are an example of payment fraud. Email messages sent by criminals contain true information about the institution and request to make payments not by performing the usual/legal payment authorization procedure, but by clicking on a link.

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