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Dan Perciun: Only 5,000 families will not receive subsidies

About 5,000 families in Moldova are not energy vulnerable and will therefore not receive state subsidies. These are families with more than four dwellings or real estate whose value is higher than 4 million lei. The chair of the Parliament’s commission on social protection, health and family Dan Perciun said that most of the families will benefit from meter assistance from the state. For the people to be classified into energy vulnerability categories, they should register on compensatii.gov.md, IPN reports.

November 25 is the deadline by which applications can be submitted through compensatii.gov.md. According to PAS MP Dan Perciun, by November 30 each household will be classified into an energy vulnerability category based on which the subsidies paid through bills will be calculated.

“We consider the families with very large incomes, which are few in number in fact, have financial capacity to fully pay the bills. The number of those who will not benefit from subsidies will be of about 5,000 families. It goes to those who own more than four dwellings or real estate to the value of over 4 million lei. If someone owns a lot, a garage and three apartments whose cumulative value is higher than 4 million lei, that family will be classed as non-vulnerable. This means that the absolute majority of citizens will receive subsidies, but the charges will be differentiated,” Dan Perciun stated in an interview with Radio Moldova.

According to the MP, subsidies this year will also be offered for electricity, for an amount of at most 75 kW a month per family from the very high and high energy vulnerability categories. This ceiling for families that use only electricity to heat their homes could be raised.

“Using electricity for heating means that these families spent more than 250 kW last year and have gas consumption lower than 30 m3 a month. There are about 10,000 households that heat their homes exclusively with electricity,” explained Dan Perciun.

The PAS MP noted that the families from the municipality of Chisinau and Balti that are supplied with heat through the centralized heating systems will receive subsides both from the Government and from the municipal authorities.

“In Chisinau and in Balti, the municipalities have additional subsidization programs for the most vulnerable ones only. After the Government subsidizes consumption, 40% of the remaining bill is subsidized by the municipalities, but only for those who have incomes lower than 3,000 lei a month. This is a municipal program that has been implemented during many years,” said the chair of the Parliament’s commission on social protection, health and family.

Under the energy vulnerability program, household users of natural gas will be subsidized for a maximum amount of 180 m3 a month. The highest subsidy in bills for the most energy vulnerable consumers will be 3,110 lei. The cost of the government program “Meter Assistance” was estimated at about 5 billion lei.

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