Demonstration to be staged in Chisinau on May 1

A demonstration on the occasion of International Workers’ Day will be held in Chisinau on May 1. Through this event with the theme “Decent Work, European Future!”, trade unionists aim to underline the necessity of ensuring European life and work conditions for salary earners in the Republic of Moldova. The participants in the demonstration will emphasize the necessity of promoting peace, decent work, solidarity and the European values, IPN reports.

The National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova announced that the event will take place in front of the Palace of Culture of Railway Workers in Chisinau between 10am and 11am.

A call that will contain a series of demands for improving the socioeconomic situation of employees will be adopted in the event and will be later submitted to the Goverbment of the Republic of Moldova.

According to the Confederation, May 1 commemorates the historical struggle of workers all over the world and is recognized in most of the countries. The holiday is observed in memory of workers’ protest movements that started in Chicago, the U.S., in 1886. Hundreds of thousands of Americans took then to the streets to demand that the workday should last for eight hours and the salary should not be cut for a shorter workday.

In the Republic of Moldova, May 1, when International Workers’ Day or Labor Day is celebrated, is a nonworking day.

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