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Energocom chose two companies from which it will buy gas this summer

The gas distributor SA Energocom finished one of the first tender contests this year for the purchase of natural gas for this summer. Two companies were selected. One of these is from Greece, while the other one cannot be yet revealed, Energocom director Victor Bânzari told a news conference, being quoted by IPN.

“By this moment, we have already signed contracts with two companies. We can provide only particular details as the company told us what we can reveal and what we cannot reveal. It is a normal practice in this field and everyone should realize that the commercial relations between partners must be respected,” stated Victor Bânzari.

One of the contractors is the Greek company DEPA, which was founded by the Greek state. Another company that submitted a rather good bid and was accepted by the Administration Board of Energocom does not want its name, the quantity and price of the gas that it to be supplied to be revealed. “In general, we can say that this is a company with rich experience and it offered a price that was very close to our expectations,” said Victor Bânzari.

According to him, the purchase prices of gas this summer are related to gas exchanges and to a low coefficient that enables to transport gas up to Moldova’s border. The amounts will be used to satisfy current consumption and a very small quantity will be stored in Ukraine.

The purchase was made based on the TTF price reference plus the costs for the transportation of gas up to the border. For example, the TTF price yesterday was €27 per MWh (315$/1,000 cubic meters).

“We cannot reveal other details as we have signed contracts with these companies, which do not enable us to reveal data owing to financial and technical reasons that can affect our relations in the future,” said the director of Energocom.

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