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EU provides support for more inclusive labor market in Moldova

The EU-funded project “EU Support to Inclusive Labor Markets in the Republic of Moldova” was launched in the Republic of Moldova. It will be implemented over the next two years by the International Labor Organization and has a budget of €2 million, IPN reports.

The project promotes decent work and economic growth, but also the achievement of peace, justice and strong institutions. It aims to improve access to more and better employment opportunities in Moldova by providing capacity development to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and the National Employment Agency to prevent and address labor market exclusion. Also, it will enhance the performance of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and the State Labor Inspectorate to improve working conditions and protect workers’ rights.

Minister of Labor and Social Protection Alexei Buzu noted that Moldova faces multiple crises and persistent problems. The employment rate is low, while informal employment is at a high level. Poverty has increased, especially among children. This made the Ministry to start a number of reforms supported by the EU. To help the families get through the cold period of the year, the EU offered €76 million to the country.

An agreement to join the employment and social innovation component will be signed soon so that Moldova will have more opportunities and will be able to develop projects and access financing in the fields of labor and social protection.

European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit noted that he had discussed various aspects of social policing with the Minister of Labor. Together with the ILO Director-General, they initiated several important reforms, such as the reform of the Labor Inspectorate, which refers to decent work, the protection of workers and assistance for companies to preserve jobs.

ILO Director-General Gilbert F. Houngbo stressed the importance of continuing the social dialogue, bringing together all the social partners with whom to find solutions to all challenges. He insisted on the development of skills, including from the perspective of climate change and digitalization. The International Labor Organization stands ready to continue working with Moldova in this regard. All the programs are aligned with Moldova’s efforts in the context of EU accession negotiations.

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