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Identity cards will be available in digital format

The identity cards, driver’s licenses and vehicles registration certificates will be available in a digital format. Parliament gave a final reading to a relevant bill that also regulates the generation and use of these documents in a digital format, IPN reports.

The given documents in a digital format will be used through the agency of the integrated governmental application of electronic services. The e-Governance Agency, with the financial support of UNDP, works to develop the application that will ensure the users’ access to all the electronic services based on the personal electronic identity.

The digital ID of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova will be generated on the person’s mobile phone or tablet PC and will contain a set of data taken in an automated way and in real time from the person’s profile available in the State Population Register, and, additionally, an electronic QR code.

Also, the persons will be able to file online an application to register the motor vehicle and to receive the vehicle registration certificate and license plate through the governmental delivery service MDelivery.

The bill also regulates the area of extracts from different state registers. It is proposed that the reproduction on paper or on other material of the information from the register should contain a unique electronic code (QR code, barcode, digital code) which will enable to electronically verify the authenticity of documents.

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