Igor Dodon: Snap elections after snap elections is a possible scenario

After the snap elections of July 11, we can have new snap parliamentary elections if the President refuses to confirm the candidate for Prime Minister proposed by a parliamentary majority, said the leader of the PSRM Igor Dodon according to whom the scenario concerning the organization of new snap elections should be taken into account, but it would mean an economic disaster for the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports.

The Socialist leader expressed his conviction that if the forces of the left gain a majority and put forward a candidate for premiership, President Maia Sandu will reject the proposed candidate and will this way cause new snap elections.

“What is the most serious thing is that a Government is not formed swiftly after the snap elections and we enter a new political crisis. The President can block again the appointment of a Premier proposed by the parliamentary majority. From economic viewpoint, this would be a disaster. There is also the legal factor. Parliament cannot be dissolved two times a year. This means that until 2022 Moldova will be without a Government,” Igor Dodon stated in the program “The Fourth Estate” on N4 channel.

According to him, the invalidation of the election outcome by the Constitutional Court is another scenario on which the presidential party PAS can bank.

“They are considering the possibility of obtaining the invalidation of the election results by the Constitutional Court if they don’t like these and new elections could be held in several weeks. We could have rerun, not snap elections in August. The budget is empty. Where should we take another 70-80 million lei in August from? ” asked Igor Dodon.

He noted that the decision to invalidate the elections could be based on the CEC’s decision to establish 150 polling stations for the diaspora.

“Under the Election Code, the decision to establish polling stations outside the country should be taken 35 days before the elections. They created preconditions for invalidating the elections as they obliged the CEC to take another decision on the establishment of more polling stations abroad, but the 35-day period expired had already and the procedures were violated,“ said Igor Dodon. 

Yesterday, the Chisinau City Appeals Court held that the number of polling stations intended for the voters from the left side of the Nistru should be reviewed so that at most 12 polling stations are available for these.

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