Igor Grosu: PAS’ decision not to have candidate in Gagauzia election was right

The Party of Action and Solidarity’s decision not to field a candidate for Bashkan election in Gagauzia was correct, said the party’s chairman Igor Grosu. According to him, the political preferences of the Gagauz voters are pro-Kremlin and this fact is known by the current government. The Speaker of Parliament noted that no matter who is elected governor in Gagauzia, this will be penalized if he/she does not take care of national security and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports.

The PAS leader said the results of the first round of voting in Gagauzia were predictable. The Moldovan authorities are waiting for the election monitoring results to pronounce on the correctness of the election campaign and voting process.

“The predilection of the politicians in Gagauzia and of the largest part of the voters there is pro-Kremlin. This is a sad reality we known. These are the consequences of a long period of indoctrination. There was a lot of geopolitics in the campaign. We are waiting for the monitoring result to see how correct the first round of voting was. Those who monitored should present responses to the legitimate questions persisting in society, as to how correct the election campaign was. We will take all the necessary measures not to allow organized criminal groups with ties with the Kremlin to destabilize the situation,” Igor Grosu stated in the program “In Depth” on ProTv Chisinau channel.

The politician said the election of a Russia-leaning Bashkan in Gagauzia will not be something of a novelty for Moldova. The government will not allow actions to destabilize the situation or to affect the territorial integrity.

“According to my institutional memory, Gagauzia almost all the time had pro-Russian governors. When it goes to money, they are very pro-European and pro-Western. But mentally they are connected to the Kremlin. The relations will be very pragmatic, as they have been so far. Things will be told trenchantly. All the actions that will be in dissonance with or against the territorial integrity and national security will be punished in accordance with the law. The citizens of the Republic of Moldova chose the European development course. Our task is to diminish the propaganda that continues to come from the Kremlin and is more present in this territorial-administrative unit than anywhere else,” stated the Speaker.

He considers the PAS’ decision not to propose a candidate for Bashkan was right and appropriate.

“No matter who the candidate would have been, we consider our decision not to field a candidate was correct as the political climate and political preferences there were already known. We know that the people there show endlessness love for the Kremlin. We preferred to let it be a fully Gagauz exercise. We preferred to attentively monitor and to invite the representatives of the People’s Assembly to a discussion so as to see how these elections were held,” explained Igor Grosu.

The runoff vote in Gagauzia will involve independent candidate who is supported by the Party of Socialists Grigorii Uzun and the Șor Party’s representative Yevgenia Guțul. The two polled the largest number of votes in the April 30 Bashkan election.

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