Ilan Shor: UK’s sanctions make me laugh as they do not touch me somehow

The leader of the Shor Party, fugitive MP Ilan Shor said the UK’s decision to impose sanctions on him do not affect him somehow and even amuse him. The reaction comes after the UK announced that the assets owned by Shor and also by former Democratic leader Vlad Plahotniuc in the UK or in any other overseas territories of this country, such as the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands, will be frozen, IPN reports.

“This decision makes me laugh as it does not touch me somehow. Everyone knows this. Maia Sandu, instead of looking for solutions to the problems experienced in Moldova, going to localities in the country, discussing with and helping the people, travels to the West and begs and humiliates herself for obtaining sanctions against me. She cannot give bread to the people and thus gives them circuses. Any decision of such a kind represents the last convulsions of the current dictatorial regime,” said Ilan Shor.

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița on Friday said that Vladimir Plahotniuc and Ilan Shor are among the designations by the UK government for its recent sanctions package. The individuals are subject to an asset freeze and travel ban. “This is one more blow given with the support of our partners to the “grouping for stealing and war” and a very clear signal: those who robbed the country will end up where they belong, in jail. These measures also refer to justice and to the recovery of assets from criminals for the people who work hard in this country and who actually earned this money,” noted the official.

At the end of October, Vlad Plahotniuc and Ilan Shor and persons close to them were put on the U.S. sanctions list. The sanctions prohibit all transactions by U.S. persons – and any other transactions within or transiting the United States – that involve any property or interests in property of the sanctioned individuals. Plahotniuc, Shor, and the other individuals put on the sanctions list will also be ineligible to enter the United States as immigrants or non-immigrants.

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