Kent Logsdon: Democrația, prosperitatea și securitatea descriu parteneriatul SUA cu Moldova

Democracy, prosperity and security are the key elements of all the efforts made by the U.S. in the Republic of Moldova. Today, the Republic of Moldova took a historic decision to distance itself from the decades of corruption and chose the Euro-Atlantic path where democracy and the rule of law are built for the citizens’ benefit. Everyone knows the story of the Republic of Moldova that became a candidate for EU membership, U.S. Ambassador to Moldova Kent D. Logsdon stated in a speech titled “Relations between the U.S. and Moldova: cooperating for building a democratic, prosperous and safe future”, which was given at the Moldova State University, IPN reports.

Kent D. Logsdon noted that owing to the brutal war in Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova showed compassion for the refugees who came to the country and everyone learned about a small country with a big heart. “For too long it has been thought that the Republic of Moldova is nothing but a former Soviet state. Such an attitude to the Republic of Moldova is outdated. Today, everyone knows that the Republic of Moldova is a future member of the European Union,” said the diplomat.

The ambassador noted that the U.S. Government announced sanctions against Moldovan oligarchs Vladimir Plahotniuc and Ilan Șor for attempts to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova, using money stolen from the Moldova people. The UK also announced sanctions. Kent D. Logsdon voided hope that the EU will follow this example. “The building of a democratic state is based not only on sanctions against corrupt oligarchs. The U.S. continues to assist the Republic of Moldova in doing essential reforms so as to ensure a democratic future. The progress in the fields of the rule of law and good governance does not amount only to the observance of the EU standards. In fact, it goes to something more, to the improvement of the everyday life of Moldovans,” noted the diplomat.

According to him, the Republic of Moldova deserves a solid, independent judicial system in which everyone is treated equally before the law. “That’s why, together with the European Union, we support the Government’s effort to reform the justice sector. We support the work of the international pre-vetting commission and try to help the honest persons to reach posts in the senior bodies of the judiciary system. Only with an appropriate, transparent judicial system, democracy and the rule of law will become vital for economic prosperity. We know that the economic strengthening of the Republic of Moldova is an essential element for the future of this state,” said Kent D. Logsdon.

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