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Maia Sandu after Stoianoglo’s arrest: I want what citizens want

The decision to examine the claim about the Prosecutor General was taken by the Superior Council of Prosecutors, while the decision to arrest this was made by the prosecutor assigned by the Council, President Maia Sandu posted on Facebook, being quoted by IPN.

“As the Head of State, I want what the citizens want: the law to be strictly obeyed and no abuses to be committed, while those who committed illegalities, no matter who they are, should answer in accordance with the law,” wrote Maia Sandu.

According to the official, the expectations of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova are legitimate: better living conditions in a country freed from the grip of corrupt clans. The people seek justice. The state institutions responsible for the fight against corruption should take these expectations into account and should always act in accordance with the law.

Alexandr Stoianoglo was suspended from office and was placed under arrest for 72 hours on October 5, being charged with abuse of power, misconduct in office, passive corruption and falsehood. A number of items were seized from Stoianoglo’s office and are to be examined.

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