Marina Tauber placed under house arrest

Șor Party MP Marina Tauber, who was arrested at the Chisinau International Airport on Monday, was placed under house arrest for a period of 20 days, as the Ciocana Court of Chisinau decided on Tuesday evening, IPN reports.

In a news conference, the chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Veronica Dragalin said the prosecutors considered it necessary to arrest Marina Tauber as three days earlier, the lawyers for the MP had been informed about the prosecution’s intention to ask for the replacement of the preventive measure of judicial control with house arrest. “The documents obtained following the investigation confirm that the tickets for the Monday flight were bought on Sunday, which is in two days after she was informed that the prosecutors will ask for house arrest for her. That’s why the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office considered it is better for Marina Tauber to be arrested,” stated Veronica Dragalin.

The state prosecution said they possess evidence showing that all the restrictions imposed by the court on Marina Tauber were ignored. Since last November until January 5, while she had been under house arrest, the MP had been banned from communicating with defendants featured in the case, but she used special telephones and talked to these through an application and directly instructed the heads of the party’s local offices how to recruit persons to take part in protests, how to organize transport and how money will be received at night for remunerating those persons. The prosecutors said the wiretapped conversations were presented to the judge.

Referring to the decision taken by the Ciocana Court, Marina Tauber said that this way the government wants to keep her far from the political processes and to prevent her from becoming involved in the Bashkan election in Gagauzia and from taking part in the protest set for May 7. “They arrested me on Monday. They almost took me out of the plane. Tell me please, which persons flee the country and announce this live and inform all the courts? This is simply a decision aimed at exerting pressure on me, at stopping me. It is a political struggle,” stated the MP.

Șor Party MP Marina Tauber was arrested at the Chisinau International Airport on May 1, when she wanted to fly to Tel Aviv, Israel, via Istanbul, Turkey.

The MP was arrested for the first time in this case on July 21, 2022, after she was stripped of parliamentary immunity. She was charged on two counts: conscious acceptance of financing for the Șor Party from an organized criminal group and falsification of the party’s financial management report for the first half of the year for the purpose of hiding the accumulated funds and the spending.

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