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Mihai Popșoi about Horjan case: Insistence on a particular version probably reveals particular interest

The insistence with which particular versions about the murder of Transnistrian activist Oleg Horjan are promoted should arouse suspicions, Parliament Deputy Speaker Mihai Popșoi stated after public debates on this case, which involved First Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Oleg Serebrian and representatives of the General Police Inspectorate, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Security and Intelligence Service, IPN reports. “We must have critical openness to a number of versions. The presence or absence of common sense in the so-called authorities from the left side of the Nistru will become evident if they decide to furnish information to the constitutional authorities of the Republic of Moldova so that this case could be investigated. If such information is not provided we will ascertain the lack of common senses in the so-called authorities,” stated Mihai Popșoi. He noted that the insistence on a particular version probably reveals particular interest in promoting a certain version to the detriment of another. The information about the man who the so-called authorities in Tiraspol presented as a murder suspect wasn’t confirmed. According to the information obtained so far, this person wasn’t in the Republic of Moldova, on the left or on the right side of the Nistru in that period. More versions should be investigated. It should be noted that the body of Oleg Horjan, a known Transnistrian activist, was found with signs of a violent death in his house. The Transnistrian administration said that they identified a murder suspect, but the latter provided evidence showing that he hadn’t been in Moldova for over two months. The constitutional authorities also started a criminal case over murder.

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