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Ministry of Energy to create national energy management platform

The Ministry of Energy intends to create a national energy management platform, which will include data from all service providers in the energy and water supply sector. The concept was discussed during an event with representatives of relevant companies.

The Ministry of Energy’s State Secretary Cristina Pereteatcu stated that the platform will help to improve governance, control and response times in the energy system. “With the overall goal of decarbonizing the energy sector by 2050, the quality of data to forecast and assess the impact of policies is essential. This platform will help us make order in the sector, including by supporting the flattening of the consumption curve and the transition to green energy”, said Cristina Pereteatcu, as quoted in a press release.

As part of a pilot project, 35,000 smart meters will be installed, enabling consumers to enjoy differentiated electricity tariffs depending on the hour. The energy management platform will make it possible to analyze consumption data.

The idea of creating a single register of consumption places for energy and other utility services was also discussed. Unified consumption place numbers will have a unique format and will have multiple references such as postal address, land registry number. This will make it possible for consumers to pay multiple utility services. Also, it will ensure a more informed and better targeted social assistance package based on aggregate expenditure data in vulnerable households. Additionally, such aggregated data can be used for credit scoring and assessing the reliability of borrowers.

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